Monday, October 20, 2014

Former Iraqi MP Calls For A Secular Civil State To Defeat ISIS- Video

Former Iraqi MP Ayad Jamal al-Din (and Shiite cleric) claims the only way to defeat the Islamic State and other like-minded groups, is to establish a secular, civil state based on man-made laws not Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) which he says is followed by Sunnis and Shiites alike and is responsible for what happened to the Yazidis and others in northern Iraq. In his opinion, fiqh is more "dangerous than nuclear technology."

He calls ISIS just "the tip of the iceberg," with "extensions all over the world, not just Muslim countries."  He says that even in the U.S. there are many ISIS mosques, and thousands globally "preparing people to join ISIS." Daily they call for the reestablishment of the Caliphate. "School curricula that glorify the Caliphate, saying that the past of the Muslims is better than their present." He disagrees, citing all the modern wonders we avail ourselves of today.  He urges unity between all peoples of Iraq in order to defeat ISIS.

"We must not embellish things, and say that Islam is a religion of compassion, peace, and rose water, and that everything is fine. Brother, your Islamic history is full of wars, raids. From Tunisia alone, one million boys were taken as slaves to Damascus.  "Islam has been politicized and used as a sword."
Brave and enlightened man.

How long do you suppose he'll survive?

Stupid Latina Women Converting To Islam- Video

According to a VOA article/video, Latinos are embracing Islam at a rapid rate. There are approximately 40,00 Latino Muslims in the U.S., 3,000 in Miami alone. Six percent of Muslims in the U.S. are Latino.
And according to Latino American Dawah Organization (LADO), a group that promotes Latino conversions, a little more than half of new converts are female.

Greisa Torres arrived in Miami four years ago from Cuba.

While she felt at home in the Florida city, where two out of the three residents are Hispanic, Torres says she lost her identity in the move and found it in the Prophet Muhammad.

While she was pregnant with her second son, Mahdi, Torres converted to Islam.

“It was very hard for me because we do not have family here, just my husband and my kids. On this day, my baby -- Mahdi -- he was going to be born. That is why I convert to Islam because I was scared," Torres says.
Scared?  So Torres moves from an oppressive Communist society in Cuba where one lives in fear, can't deal with the new found freedom in America, so converts to an oppressive religion like Islam? Why didn't she just remain in Cuba?

According to Stephanie Londono, a woman who wrote a book about Latina converts to Islam, it all makes sense.
Londono says some women turn to Islam because they are repelled by Western values of success -- as measured by careers, schooling or wealth. She says they are more comfortable with traditional gender roles.

Londono says her research found that some people might view Islam as giving women less freedom, but the converting Latinas see it as a positive change.
“It defines their world on a clear grid of what’s permitted or 'halal,' and what’s prohibited which is 'haram.' So they know exactly where they stand," Londono says. "So the Koran becomes this guidebook that tells you exactly what to wear, what to eat, how to wash, how to behave, when to pray.”
While feminist Muslims might avoid the hijab, many Latinas embrace it.
Most of the Latina converts where the hijab, including Torres who believes people respect her for it.

 “When people see you with the hijab, they respect you first. Second, it’s the emotion you feel because you are different. You believe in something. It’s amazing.”
Sorry, not me.

Watch video here.

3 Missing Denver Girls Headed To Turkey Detained In Germany

Three teens from Denver, Colorado, two of Somali descent, the third from Sudan who disappeared from home were found and deported from Frankfurt, Germany.
Relatives and other sources told VOA’s Somali Service the girls left Denver and flew to Frankfurt via Chicago. Family members alerted Denver authorities who contacted their German counterparts.
Two of the girls are sisters of ethnic Somali origin and are 15 and 16 years old. The third girl is from Sudan - her age is not yet known. It is not yet clear where they ultimately were heading, but one of the young girls reportedly told German authorities, “We are going to Turkey to study.”
The girls have since spoken to their relatives and are due to arrive back home later Sunday.
The girls, of Somali Muslim descent, just disappear one day without their parents' consent, headed for Turkey, and no-one thinks they might just be headed to join the Islamic State as jihadi brides.  Right.

I'm sure the girls will receive a slap on the hands and that's it.

American Joins Kurds To Fight ISIS In Syria

Brave Brian Wilson is one of a few Americans who has been inspired to travel to Syria to help the Kurd's fight the Islamic State. He says there are Armenians, Chechens, Arabs, and Christians and Muslims fighting side by side with the YPG (Kurdish People's Protection Unit),

He says all they need are better weapons and technology. So we're arming the FSA, and other rebel Syrian groups, and those arms are probably winding up in the hands of ISIS, and used to fight the Kurds.

Video interview of him on VOA.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Trinidad Muslims Fighting With ISIS

The tentacles of the Islamic State have reached as far as Trinidad and Tobago. According to the government there, "several" citizens from Trinidad are either fighting with or aiding ISIS and other terrorist groups.

National Security Minister Gary Griffith said the government has learned of the involvement of its citizens in overseas militant activity from foreign intelligence agencies that he did not identify.

Some of the country's citizens taking part are fighters and others are providing logistical and financial support, Griffith said in an interview.

"There are those who are sympathizers, those who are providing financial support for the cause, those who are working in passport and immigration and lending other forms of assistance," he said.

He declined to say how many people there are, beyond "several," but said the government is concerned about the potential for a security threat in the future.

"What we are concerned about now, and a decision has to be made on this by the National Security Council, is how we deal with such persons who have gone to the Middle East and now want to return here," Griffith told The Associated Press.
This, from a country that has a small Muslim community, only 5 percent of the 1.2 million people living there.

Then again,  it's not the first time they've had to deal with Muslim extremism.

In July 1990, a militant Islamic group stormed Parliament in an attempted coup and took the prime minister and his Cabinet hostage. The coup attempt by Yasin Abu Bakr and 113 members of his Jamaat al Muslimeen group resulted in the deaths of 24 people, most during looting that erupted in the capital of Port-of-Spain.
On Wednesday, Bakr was denied entry to Jamaica after arriving on a commercial flight from Trinidad. Jamaica's immigration agency said Bakr was barred from entering "in the interest of national security" and plans were being made to return him to his homeland.
Another Trinidad man, Kareem Ibrahim, was convicted in May 2011 in the U.S. of participating in a failed plot to blow up jet fuel tanks at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. Authorities said the planned attack was meant to avenge what the plotters perceived U.S. oppression of Muslims around the world.
The Miami Herald claims there are around 50 Trinidadian jihadists fighting overseas. One of whom was identified as Shane Crawford, 28.

Calais, France, And Its Illegal Immigrant Problem

France 24 has an expose on the migrant problem (read- illegal aliens from Africa and the Middle East) in Calais, France. They apparently congregate there before trying to make their way to the UK, where they will avail themselves of the foolishly generous public assistance programmes, no doubt.

The friction between locals and the illegals is palpable. They are not wanted because they steal, among other things.

The report says they are in search of a better life, but I would venture to say that the bulk of them, if Muslim, will refuse to integrate.  This is how Europe transforms into Eurabia.

Watch the video on YouTube. It's the first 7 or so minutes.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Marseille, France, No Longer European

The photo below looks like it might have been taken in some French Arab city, but apparently it was taken in Marseille. France. A city that has supposedly been taken over by Muslim immigrants.

Orianna Fallaci, who wrote a book titled The Force of Reason,  uses Marseille as an example of what happens when non-Westernized Muslims take over a city. According to Fallaci, Marseille is:

 "no longer a French city, it is a Maghrebin city".
Enza Ferreri, a London-based Italian journalist, discusses the book.

Arabic ​is the first language spoken in Marseille, and French only the second.

95% of the students in the city's Collège Edgar Quinet are now Muslims.

No wonder Gaddafi once said in a speech that there was no need to invade Europe because in 20 years Europe would be Muslim.

Europe, with its political fear, spiritual decadence and weakness, and obsequiousness towards Islam, is the first battleground for Muslims in their quest to conquer and subjugate the world.

More photos on her blog.

Somali Muslim Clerics Balk At Anti-Apostasy Booklet By Somali Muslim Scholar

There are Muslims trying to reform Islam. Not many, since those who do try are often targeted by the more radical elements in the religion. But there are some. Take Saudi educated Somali scholar Abdisaid Ismail who recently published a small booklet tackling the subject of punishment (which is usually death) for apostasy in Islam.  The book Xadka Riddada Maxaa ka Run Ah? (Is There Punishment for Apostasy in Islam?) was published in Nairobi, and discusses whether punishment is dictated by Islam, as well as touching on women's equality issues.

The book, which is little more than 130 pages, is unsettling the Somali militants as it challenges their misuse of Islam as a political tool.

Xadka Riddada, as it is commonly known, seems to be more dangerous for Islamist militants in Somalia than the thousands of troops sent by the African Union to the Horn of Africa nation, or the millions of dollars spent every month fighting Islamist terrorists.

The resistance to the book by radical clerics shows the fight against terrorism is essentially one of ideas rather than military might.
He has done extensive research on the issue of apostasy in Islam and freedom of religion, and concluded that Islam does not prescribe the death penalty for apostasy, and that freedom of religion is clearly enshrined in Islam.

The booklet is a counter-narrative to the Islamist position that Muslims cannot abandon their religion and if they do, they should be killed -- a doctrine used to justify wanton killings in Somalia.

Ismail's take on Sharia:

Mr Ismail argues that many of the doctrines in Islam are based on the out-dated Arab socio-economic situation of the sixth century, and that much of the Islamic Jurisprudence now used by Islamists is no more than tribal reading of key religious sources.
He advocates the separation of Mosque and State, so to speak, which is contrary to the rallying call by Islamist jihadists and their ideologues for Sharia as the supreme law in Muslim countries. This call is equivalent to the Bible being declared the law in Christian countries, an unthinkable preposition in this day and age.

He also condemns "moderates" for opposing reform and basically siding with the extremists vis-à-vis their violence and brutality.

As expected, it is not being very well received by extremists, who believe apostates should be executed, and that women should remain barefoot and pregnant, and out of sight.  The book was condemned, and radical clerics have called the book "apostasy", and the death threats ensued. He was even thrown out of a Kenyan hotel in Eastleigh, and his booklet has been banned from book stores there. In democratic, liberal Kenya, no less.

So, according to Ismail, 'moderate' Muslims are not any more enlightened than extremists.

How long do you suppose the poor man will survive?

Source: AllAfrica.