Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Men Can Spy On Future Wife While Bathing, Per Egyptian Fatwa

Here's the latest wacky fatwa out of Egypt. Salafist preacher Usama al-Qawsi says it's okay to spy on your future wife while she's bathing.

In a video, Salafist preacher Usama al-Qawsi said that the man can “hide" while watching the woman he “intends to marry” bathe.

“If you were really honest and wanted to marry that woman, and you were able to hide and watch her in secret, see the things that she wouldn’t usually let you see before marrying her, then it is acceptable as long as your intentions are pure,” Qawsi said in a video.

“One of the Prophet’s companions did that. Some disapproved and told him: ‘How do you do that when you’re one of the Prophet’s companions?’ The Prophet answered: ‘If you can see something that would make you want to marry her then go ahead and do it.’”
That fatwa was struck down by Egyptian religious authorities.

Hahaha. Oh those dirty Salafists.

Video and more here.

Pakistani Muslim Claims ISIS A Global Threat

A Pakistani human rights activist and supporter of Israel, who also happens to be a Muslim, believes ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is a global threat, and far worse than the Nazis.

In an interview, Kasim Kaz Hafeez said:

“Just looking at what they have done in Iraq already, a Muslim country, imagine them rampaging in Europe or North America,” Kasim emphasized. “Slaughter and the irradiation of peoples is part of their strategy. They must convert or die and even then, many convert to be later murdered.” Kasim believes that ISIS ideology is worse than the Nazis, because “the ideology that inspires them is a religious supremacist ideology which gives men in their eyes G-d given authority to murder to achieve their goals.”
“Radical Islam like Nazism a supremacist ideology but radical Islam is not centered in one country, its not just Iraq and Syria. The ideology has tentacles everywhere,” Kasim noted. “So on the one hand; you have ISIS swallowing up territory. On the other hand, you have people all over the world that will be happy as thousands of civilians are murdered in the name of their cause. Also you have people flocking from all over the world to join ISIS. It is a global ideology, which does not need a central government to flourish. Whereas Nazi Germany had its centralized system, which when it collapsed, Nazism as a world force ended. Even if we destroy ISIS, it is liable to crop up elsewhere. Like the Taliban were toppled, it wasn't the end of them or their ideology.”

He believes the Obama administration is weak and naive "when it comes to foreign policy" and that not stopping ISIS while it's still in its infancy would be a major mistake.  He said if they are not stopped now:

 “Firstly, we will see genocide and the systematic eradication of people simply because they are 'different.’ Secondly, it shows ISIS that they can butcher innocents in full view of the world and the world will not do a thing to intervene.” 
He also thinks Jordan is the next target and that

 “they are emboldened by every excess they are able to push without a response. Their potential is limitless.”
Well isn't that a comforting thought.

Read the whole thing on JerusalemOnline.

Monday, August 18, 2014

#ISISmovies Twitter Hashtag Mocking ISIS Trending

The latest trending Twitter hashtag is #ISISmovies mocking the jihadists the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, although they now want to be known simply as Islamic State, or IS.  But ISIS has a much better ring to it.

Anyway, people (including many who are obviously Muslim) are having a blast coming up with fitting movie titles like:

Hassan Hassan ‏@hxhassan Aug 16
Beheading Private Ryan #ISISMovies

Asma ‏@LibyanBentBladi Aug 16
All the Emir's Men #ISISmovies

Shaya Tayefe Mohajer ‏@Shaya_in_LA Aug 16
Blood Actually #ISISmovies

victorjblue ‏@victorjblue 2h
I kind of hate to do this, but I got a good one- "Four Beheadings and a Funeral."

Al Arabiya has listed some as well.

PreOccupiedTerritory @POTerritory

I Know What You Did Last Osama #ISISmovies

PreOccupiedTerritory @POTerritory

To Kill a Mocking Kurd #ISISmovies

Ayat Mneina (MScPH) @AMneina

Killin' in the Rain #ISISMovies
2:12 PM - 16 Aug 2014

Now this is what's bizarre. Remember those two ISIS dudes I posted about a few days ago. Abdullah aka @Mujahid4Life and Omar al-Shishani @ShishaniOmar, here are a few of their contributions:

Abdullah ‏@mujahid4life Aug 16
"The hitchhiker's guide to Abu Mariya al-Galaxy" #ISISmovies

Omar Shishani ‏@ShishaniOmar Aug 18
The minority Slave girl and me.


And Shishani's Chechen buddy:

Omar the Chechen @Omar_Chechen · Aug 16
Close Encounters of the Kurd Kind
I'm not totally convinced they are who they are, but they're still punks, and pretty darn stupid if they don't realize they are the ones who are being mocked.

My contribution:

Raiders of the Last Shirk (Shirk is the sin of idolatry and polytheism, which is forbidden in Islam)
Return of the Jihadi

There are a slew of Twitter postings, just search #ISISmovies

Chicago ATM Robber Wears Burqa To Hide Dectection

Gildardo Lopez Jr. was afraid he was about to lose his job with Garda Cash Logistics, so the Chicago ATM tech decided he would rob a Chase bank, wearing a burqa, take the money and run off to the Dominican Republic. Trouble is, he asked an employee at the bank for a key that would disable the alarm system.  The worker then told the FBI, and Lopez was arrested.

As FBI agents watched in the early morning hours Thursday, ATM technician Gildardo Lopez Jr. walked up to the Chase bank branch at 14 S. LaGrange Rd. disguised as a woman with a black burqa over his face, a walkie-talkie connected to ear buds and carrying a black suitcase, authorities said.
Lopez slipped on a pair of latex gloves and went inside the bank’s ATM vestibule. When he emerged 15 minutes later, authorities said, the suitcase was stuffed with $168,174 in cash.
“There’s a lot of money in there,” the complaint quoted Lopez as telling FBI agents who took him into custody. Later, while under arrest at the LaGrange police station, he called his older brother and was overheard by an agent saying, “Call Leo, I f****d up,” the charges alleged.
The rest here.

This is one of many reasons why burqas should be banned.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Does Police Deadly Force Justify Looting?

Excessive force by law enforcement is becoming an all too common occurrence, and it's not okay. In some cases innocent people, mostly black, are being killed.

Eric Garner, the 43-year-old asthmatic New York man allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes, dies while being held in a choke-hold by police, in spite of the fact that choke-holds have been banned since 1993 by the NYPD.  He's crying I can't breathe and no-one does a thing. Yes, selling black-market cigarettes is illegal, but witnesses claim he was not selling them at the time, and he had just broken up a fight.

22-year-old John Crawford III, was killed in an Ohio Walmart, for allegedly brandishing an air rifle that Walmart happens to sell, after witnesses (a former marine and his wife) called 911. No-one else seemed to find Crawford worrisome that day except for Ronald and April Ritchie (broken ankle and all), who were so fearful they followed Crawford around for a while, before calling police.  When police arrived, Crawford was on the phone talking to the mother of his children, holding the cell phone in one hand and the rifle in the other. Police told him to drop "the weapon", Crawford (who had no criminal record) told them it wasn't real, and within a split second he was shot dead.

Both of the above were black, and not much of a peep out of people.  Then, black teen Michael Brown is killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, a predominately black town where most of the police are white. Since the stories differ between what the police claim happened, and what Brown's buddy Dorian Johnson says occurred, I will reserve judgment, but unlike Crawford who had no criminal record, it appears Brown had been involved that same day in a strong-arm robbery of a box of cigars. The 18-year-old was no innocent, but did he deserve to die, no way.  If there was a struggle for the officer's gun in the patrol car, as authorities have intimated, the policeman might have feared for his life. But again, we don't know for sure what transpired that night, and we probably never will, since there was no dashcam in the patrol car. Do people have the right to protest, yes. Peacefully. Do they have the right to loot? No. What does looting some poor shop owner's store accomplish? Just making you look bad, is all.

In some cases victims have been subjected to police violence even though they have complied with the cop's demands. Other times, they've resisted arrest or have not followed orders and it too ends badly. I blame that on the victim. However, with the increase in random violence these days, I can understand why police are fearful, but in most cases there is no need for excessive force, Crawford's case in point. Why was deadly force necessary? There have to be alternatives.

Bob Parks from Black and Right, posted this Chris Rock video from many moons ago, on How To Not Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police.  This should be mandatory viewing for all kids in school, maybe there would be fewer incidents of excessive and deadly force.

Brit Department Store Adds Hijabs To School Uniform Lineup

A decade ago, who would have thought that department stores in the West would be selling hijabs as part of their back-to-school uniform sales. U.K. department store John Lewis is doing just that.

John Lewis, which is due to sell the Islamic headscarf in its London and Liverpool stores, said it was responding to school demands.

“We provide uniforms for 350 schools across the country,” a spokesperson for John Lewis said.

“The school informs us of the items they want us to sell as part of their uniform list,” he added.

The store, which signed contracts with two schools, will sell a hijab for approximately $15 (£9).

John Lewis won the contract to supply uniforms to the Islamia Girls’ School in north-west London and Belvedere Academy in Liverpool.


Source: Al Arabiya

Saturday, August 16, 2014

ISIS Jihadists Love Nutella (and Robin Williams, for a while)

Alleged Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) jihadists have a penchant for Nutella, they've been posting photos of themselves on Twitter holding jars of the Italian choco/hazelnut spread posing in front of fully stocked supermarket shelves.  ISIS jihadists and their supporters also piped in on the loss of comedian Robin Williams last week, mourning the death of the star of one of their fave films Jumanji. 

On Twitter, ISIS supporter @Ibn_Fulaan, based in London, wrote:

"Shame. I liked Jumanji."

@Mujahid4life (aka Abdullah, another 19-year-old British convert and ISIS supporter) responded:

"Good movie. Loved it as a kid."
Fulaan then said:

 “Same, I had it on video lol.”

Abdullah also posted:

"#RobinWilliams is dead? Weird. Grew up watching his films."
And even the Chechen dog Omar al-Shishani (leader of ISIS- if his Twitter handle is for real) had this to say in response to a Twitter user's post saying "ISIS supporters talking Robin Williams.  Twitter has reached the singularity."

Omar Shishani @ShishaniOmar
We are humans like u, joke about girls mirls... Why we shouldnt see movie?! @AlexHortonTX @DGisSERIOUS

That is, until they discovered William's "jihad" sketch, which was part of his 2002 comedy tour. Abdullah (Mujahid4Life) suddenly made a 360 degree turnaround, posting the video on Twitter along with the following:

Those of you who say "RIP" to #RobinWilliams check out what he said about Islam.

May Allah make him burn.

Abu Hamzah AlNabilsi (@abuhamzah1948) had this to say about Williams:

@Alansarialjanab he committed suicide, cross dressed for a living and defames our religion may Allah give him what he deserves in the akhira

Who knows if these people really are who they say they are, but what they post on Twitter is blood pressure raising, and they certainly have no resemblance to humans.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gazans Must Get Rid of Hamas- Claims Palestinian Activist

There are Palestinians who actually realize their future does not lie with the terrorist leadership Hamas. Bassem Eid, a political commentator and human rights activist who lives in East Jerusalem is one of those enlightened ones.

This was posted on YNetNews.

For 26 years I have been devoting my life to the mission of defending human rights. I have seen wars and terror. And yet, the past month has been one of the most difficult times in my life.

I live in East Jerusalem and witness the destruction of life around me. Highway 1 has once again turned into the line separating between east and west. The Palestinians in the capital attacked traffic lights and damaged the Light Rail and power supply lines. But I cannot accept that as a social protest – it's pure vindictiveness.

The coexistence I have been fighting for my entire life has been executed in the city square.

There is no doubt that the death and destruction Gaza has been hit by are like a tsunami. Both people are in pain, but each side denies the other side's pain, and so the pain gets worse.

And still, as a Palestinian, I must admit: I am responsible for part of what has happened. We can no longer deny our responsibility for the death of our own people.

Most of the Palestinians were against the rocket fire on Israel. They realized that the rockets would not give us anything. They called on Hamas to stop firing, knowing that it had paved the way for the death of its own people.

We knew that Hamas was digging the tunnels which would to lead to our destruction. We knew that three people live on every square meter in Gaza. And Hamas knew that an attack on Israel would lead to mass death, but it's leaders are more interested in their own victories than in the lives of their victims.

Indeed, Hamas depends on death, which gives it power and allows it to raise funds and purchase weapons. Hamas has never been interested in liberating the Palestinian people from the occupation. And Israel will never be able to destroy the infrastructures it has built. Only we, the Palestinian people, can do that.

It was the Gazan residents' responsibility to rebel against the Hamas rule. We knew what they were doing to us, but we let ourselves off easy and allowed it to happen.

Will all this death finally teach us a lesson? I hope so. The lesson is that we must get rid of Hamas and completely demilitarize Gaza. And then open the crossings.

I'm saying this as a loyal Palestinian. I'm saying this because I am concerned about my people's future.

Someone finally taking responsibility for the situation over there. Well done!

There is hope yet, as long as he's not a lone voice about to be snuffed out.