Monday, September 15, 2014

Ted Cruz Booed Over Pro-Israel Comments At Middle Eastern Christian Conference

Senator Ted Cruz was speaking at a solidarity dinner for In Defense of Christians (IDC) as part of a conference for Middle Eastern Christians when he was heckled and eventually booed off stage for the following comments:

"Tonight, we are all united in defense of Christians. Tonight, we are all united in defense of Jews. Tonight, we are all united in defense of people of good faith, who are standing together against those who would persecute and murder those who dare disagree with their religious teachings.”

“Religious bigotry is a cancer with many manifestations. ISIS, al-Qaida, Hezbollah, Hamas, state sponsors like Syria and Iran, are all engaged in a vicious genocidal campaign to destroy religious minorities in the Middle East. Sometimes we are told not to loop these groups together, that we have to understand their so called nuances and differences. But we shouldn’t try to parse different manifestations of evil that are on a murderous rampage through the region. Hate is hate, and murder is murder. Our purpose here tonight is to highlight a terrible injustice, a humanitarian crisis.”

Apparently, they took most umbrage when Cruz said:

 "Christians have no greater ally than Israel." 

Per NewsMax, as Cruz was being heckled, he went on to say:

"Those who hate Israel hate America. Those who hate Jews hate Christians."
As the jeers filled the venue, Cruz declared: "I am saddened to see that some here, not everyone, but some here are so consumed with hate." He was interrupted by shouts of "all of us!" and "leave the stage," and one audience member shouted "you speak for yourself."

As the president of  IDC Toufic Baaklini tried to calm things down, Cruz finally gave up and left the stage, but not before he told the crowd:

"If you will not stand with Israel and the Jews, then I will not stand with you. Good night, and God bless." 
One would think that persecuted Christians could relate and understand the plight of persecuted Jews in the region, but I guess not. Supposedly there were Christians who support Hezbollah and Syria there, some of whom were also speakers at the conference.

Among them were Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Bechara Rai, who has defended Hezbollah's right to attack Israel and expressed his willingness to meet with the terrorist group's leader.
Another speaker, Syriac Orthodox Church Patriarch Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II, has disclosed that he had a recent meeting with a "high-level delegation from Hezbollah."
Church of Antioch Patriarch Gregory III Laham, who also spoke, has blamed terrorist attacks against Iraqi Christians on a "Zionist conspiracy against Islam" designed to give "a bad image of Islam."
A Zionist conspiracy against Islam? Wow.

Cruz told the Free Beacon:

 "I've certainly encountered audiences that disagreed with a particular point of view. But this virulent display of hatred and bigotry was remarkable, and considerably different from anything I've previously encountered.
"The division and anti-Semitism expressed tonight by some of the crowd is not reflective of the teachings of Christ, and is in fact directly contrary to the tenets of Christianity."

But not everyone is outraged about the anti-Semitism Cruz encountered. Even some on the right, and plenty on the left have criticized Cruz for his pro-Israel comments, claiming it was politics.  Some even believe the audience was booing the politics not the comment itself, like Matt Lewis on The Daily Caller.  But if one of the speakers believes in a Zionist conspiracy against Islam, it's quite obvious the reasons behind all of the booing. There are Christian anti-Semites- take Jimmy Carter, for instance.

Video of right before Cruz left the stage can be seen on Daily Caller.

A Few Arab Nations To Help With Air Strikes Against ISIS

A few Arab nations are finally joining forces with the West to fight the spreading hordes of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).  From the air.

It's about time they all take action, considering it's their back yard. They need to be active participants, and take the lead with the West offering back up. But that 'aint gonna happen.

The Obama administration said Sunday that “several” Arab nations had offered to join in airstrikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, but any sustained military campaign does not appear imminent, and likely will require an even more significant commitment from other nations and fighting forces in the region.
In interviews and public statements, administration and military officials described a battle plan that would not accelerate in earnest until disparate groups of Iraqi forces, Kurds and Syrian rebels stepped up to provide the fighting forces on the ground. Equipping, training and coordinating that effort is a lengthy process, officials cautioned.
Story on the New York Times.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Luke Rudkowski's Latest 9/11 Conspiracy Theory B.S.

So Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change posted  a video on 9/11/14 of an interview with a man named Ricki, an alleged survivor of 9/11 who claims he had some "explosive" new photos that he'd lived with for 13 years.  Saturday was the day those photos would be released. One can only assume that since Rudkowski is a conspiracy theorist, 9/11 Truther those photos would be, well, EXPLOSIVE. Well, they're not.

You might be wondering what exactly these nut jobs think is so important about a bunch of photos that show nothing out of the ordinary. Well, this is where it gets interesting. There isn't even a common consensus on what they actually believe happened.

The various loony theories range from the relatively simple, blame it on the U.S. government:

BodaBoom BigAl2 days ago
The terrorists were "allowed" to do this. It was a set-up to implement the misnamed Patriot Acts, er Traitorous Acts!
Then there's those who blame it on Israel/Mossad/The Zionists:
upsideadown2 days ago
You mean Israeli terrorists.
SlackerSlayer2 days ago
 It would be far more accurate to say 'zionnazis dressed up as Arabs" doing terror.
Steve McCoy2 days ago
get cancer and DIE jewSCUMTROLLLLLL. We KNOW israHELLL did 911 and WILL pay.....sooooooooon.
There are those who don't believe the Osama Bin Laden narrative:

6. People whose beliefs are often strongly influenced by the beliefs of the vast majority, and who are under the impression that the vast majority of the civilized world accepts the bin Laden story as fact.
Then there's the uber-wackos who actually believe there were no planes, or that they were holographs, and that the whole tragedy was a Hollywood event:

tonoklein2 days ago
That's right, when you got nothing, call people names. Sure sign of a brilliant argument. But hey keep believing known liars/actors/millionaires on TV who want you dead.
 Steve McCoy1 day ago
Or read the affidavit of aviation expert John Lear - FACTUAL proof NO planes were used on 911. He is the son of Bill Lear, as in Lear jets. The planes were a jewllywood fake movie.
Then there's the 'racism' factor:

MixmanD282 days ago
Yes, isn't it amazing that some jerks prefer to believe "facts", instead of racist notions of what a terrorist is?
 imranp20102 days ago
+Lu Cor racists who want to blame brown people...
Those were all responses to a comment I made on YouTube.

Here's the holograph, no airplane comments from the We Are Change website:

JamesOrrSeptember 14, 2014
He alluded to the fact that these were not planes, but anti-gravity aircraft pulling impossible maneuvers. We know there were holographic projectors on-board these aircraft giving the outward appearance of planes. I was expecting to see the aircraft in these photos.

And there's the less crazy conspiracy theorists turning on the more lunatic ones:
September 14, 2014
You “no plane” idiots are going to ruin the whole truth movement and you don’t even care.
Michael Clarke
September 14, 2014
YOU are the “idiot”, here, mate. The point is valid. There is NO debris from any crash jetliner(s) here. No fuselage, no portions of wings , tails, engines, NOTHING But the structural damage is VERY similar to the Oklahoma City federal building bombing. There is AMPLE physical evidence here to support the supposition that these buildings collapsed in accordion fashion DUE TO INTERNAL EXPLOSIVE CHARGES DETONATED INSIDE THEM

September 14, 2014
Even if your theory is plausible (which it’s not, I know people there who saw the f-ing planes) no one will believe it because it’s TOO out there. We are just now getting people to admit something is amiss with building 7. You are stupid little fish being reeled in and guided by disinfo agents here to muddy the waters and make ANY conspiracy theorists look like fucking nut jobs. And quite successfully too I might add.

I was called a paid shill, among other things, for my comment on YouTube, as you can see in some of those comments above.

It truly amazes me how many of them are out there. Walking this earth. Convinced that it's the U.S. government, or Zionist Israel, or Hollywood behind every world event.  Yikes.

PA Officials Call Youth Soccer Match With Israel "Crime Against Humanity"

The Peres Center for Peace sponsored an interfaith soccer match between young Palestinian and Israeli kids. Great, right?  However, the effort to promote coexistence on a kibbutz in southern Israel was met with anger by Palestinian Authority (PA) officials who called it "a crime against humanity."

And these are the folk who are supposed to be moderates.

Jibril Rajoub, the deputy secretary of the Fatah Central Committee and the head of the Palestinian Supreme Council for Sport and Youth Affairs, said the match represented “an Israeli attempt to cover up their crimes against [Palestinian] athletes,” according to a Palestinian Media Watch report released Monday.

“Any activity of normalization in sports with the Zionist enemy is a crime against humanity,” Rajoub said in a September 6 Facebook post.

The match, the first of a planned series, was hosted by the Peres Center for Peace on September 1 as an effort to build bridges between Israeli and Palestinian youths after a fraught summer of war with Gaza and West Bank tensions.
Not only that, Abd al-Salam Haniyeh, who is a member of the Palestinian Olympic Committee, wants the Palestinians involved with the effort to help Palestinian and Israeli kids to get along punished.

“The [Palestinian] organizers of this match betrayed the blood of the children of Gaza and of the martyrs, which has yet to dry a week after the end of the barbaric Israeli aggression."
 “Immediately interrogate the organizers of the match, settle the account with them and prosecute them on charges of serious treason against the blood of the martyrs [who died in the Gaza conflict] and violating the decisions made by the Palestinian sports community’s leadership."
Over 600 Israeli and Palestinian kids are scheduled to take part in these interfaith soccer matches.

More than 600 children from Israel and the Palestinian territories will take part throughout the year in the Twinned Peace Soccer Schools events. The program creates “twinned” relationships between Israeli and Palestinian cities. Sderot and the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council, both down south close to the border with Gaza, are twinned with the Palestinian town of Yatta, which is located south of Hebron in the West Bank.
The tragic thing is that the children are open and willing.

“I love it when we play together like this. I hope that one day there will be peace between Arabs and Jews and that there will be no more wars and death,” a Palestinian boy told AFP after the first event.

They have their parents to thank for the lack of peace in that region.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Krav Maga Martial Art A Zionist Plot Claims Iranian News Site

Krav Maga is an Israeli self-defense martial art form developed for the IDF. Even though there are at least 5 training centers within a 20 mile radius of where I live, and it's been around for years, the Iranians are only now warning of a 'zionist' plot to spread it worldwide.

Mashregh News, which is close to Iran’s security and intelligence organizations, reported that Israel is secretly promoting Krav Maga in Europe and North America for “unknown purposes.”

According to Mashregh, Israel has previously kept the existence of Krav Maga, which the site described as a dangerous martial art of “Zionist Jewish origin,” under wraps.

“Why, after nearly a century of [Krav Maga] being kept quiet and limited to the boundaries of this regime, it is suddenly being promoted, is a question that has drawn the attention of experts,” it said.

The news site claimed that Krav Maga is the dominant sport in Israel, and is taught to the military, police, Mossad, and Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency).

“Jewish settlers in the occupied territories” are also given serious training in Krav Maga, it reported, adding that the martial art is designed to cause maximum damage and cripple an opponent, lacking “tolerance and compassion.”

Krav Maga is also practiced by “women Zionists,” and is used in war and against “resistance groups,” the latter being a reference to Palestinians, it said.

Apparently, it has only come to light since Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's interest in Krav Maga.

That same new site promotes other wacky conspiracy theories.

The news site regularly features articles accusing Israel and Hollywood of various covert plans for world domination. In 2012, it wrote that the two were working together to promote homosexuality as part of a global scheme to subjugate humankind in a plot based in Tel Aviv, which Mashregh described as the “gay capital of the world.”

Now wait for all the local, western, anti-Israel conspiracy theorists to jump on that bandwagon.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Compare George W. Bush With Hitler- DC Teacher Asks 6th Grade Students

So a teacher at McKinley Middle School in Washington DC gave his class an assignment: compare and contrast Hitler with George W. Bush with Venn diagrams. 

 It seems the class was studying war and peace, and the unidentified instructor at McKinley Middle School sent the class home to pore over the histories of "both men who abused their powers."
Parents got wind of it, and the district issued a quick mea culpa, the Washington Post reports. "The teacher deeply regrets this mistake, and any suggestion to malign the presidency or make any comparison in this egregious way," says a spokeswoman for DC schools. The teacher, she adds, acknowledges "extremely poor judgment" and will apologize to his students.

Now, imagine if this teacher had asked them to compare and contrast Hitler with Barack Obama? What do you think would have happened to the teacher.  Pink-slipped. Yeah, I know he's a sitting president, but still. An apology would not have sufficed.

Source: Newser

UK Female ISIS Jihadists Running Brothels In Syria

More Muslim hypocrisy. All those young British women who have run off to join ISIS in Syria are running brothels as part of a 'police' force in Raqqa where Islamic State militants are raping captured Iraqi women. Islam does not allow pre-marital sex, that's considered 'adultery' punishable by stoning, but hey, it's okay as long as the women are not Muslim.

As many as 3,000 Iraqi women have been taken captive in the last two weeks by the terror group.

Sources suggest that members of the all-women al-Khanssaa Brigade in Raqqa, Syria, are running brothels to satisfy the fighters’ desires.

One said: “These women are using barbaric interpretations of the Islamic faith to justify their actions.


“The Yazidi people are being ethnically cleansed, and their women are being subjected to the most brutal treatment.

“It is the British women who have risen to the top of the Islamic State’s sharia police and now they are in charge of this operation.

"It is as bizarre as it is perverse.”
There are estimated to be at least 60 female Brits in Syria, and they are persuading others to join them.

More here.

Cricket Jihad- Pakistani Player Tells Buddhist "Convert" and You Will Go To Heaven

The different ways to heaven through jihad include, terror jihad, love jihad, rape jihad, and now cricket jihad.

The cricket jihad is in reference to the Muslim Pakistani cricket player, Ahmed Shehzad, telling Sri Lankan Buddhist Tillakaratne Dilshan to convert to Islam if he wanted to go to heaven after a recent game. It was caught on camera.

Shehzad said:

 "if you are a non-Muslim and you turn Muslim, no matter whatever you do in your life, straight to heaven."
One can assume Dilshan responded heck no, because Ahmed then told Dilshan:

 "Then be ready for the fire."

I think one can say with certainty that there's a huge contingency of Muslims who will be getting a one way ticket to hell when their time comes.

Apparently Dilshan's father is a Muslim, but he and his siblings chose to follow their mum's religion, and he eventually changed his name from Tuwan Mohamed to Tillakaratne Mudiyanselage Dilshan, which is Sinhalese-Buddhist.

I'm surprised Ahmed didn't tell him he should be executed for apostasy.  In Islam, unlike most other religions, the children are considered Muslim if the father is.